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Towing & recovery Service covering areas from fort pierce to mims

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We offer services including road side assistance, tire changes, fuel delivery, light duty and medium duty towing, flatbed, on and off road recovery and winching.  No call is too small!  

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2018 Palm Bay Christmas Parade

2018 Melbourne Christmas Parade

Customer tesimonials

We always welcome positive feedback

5 Stars 

Marjie Haytock Loveland posted review on November 25, 2017

"My friend Tracey Glover had an emergency on I-95 near Fort Pierce and Guardian Towing came and saved the day. Very professional, arrived earlier than expected and calmed her down. I highly recommend this Towing service."

5 Stars

Cathleen Mary posted review on February 1, 2018 

"Highly recommended! First time I ever had to use a tow truck. Very friendly, arrived on time and agreed to take me to the dealership I wanted to go to after I broke down today. Thank you so much!!"

5 Stars

Linda Horsley posted review February 3, 2018

"Patrick did a awesome job hauling our 42 ft camper into a very tight spot..Great prices and great job..Thank You .."

5 Stars

John Quinn posted review on May 25, 2018

"Above the standard."

5 Stars

Gary Dix posted review on June 25, 2018

"Excellent job of retrieving my car from the side of I-95 and delivering it to my home. Nice friendly guys with big smiles. Stick their number in your phone just in case."

Community Events

Guardian Towing & Recovery is committed to serving our community.  We often attend functions around town to help improve safety.  If you would like Guardian Towing at your function, please reach out to Patrick at BigChevy7092@gmail.com!


Guardian Towing & Recovery is proud to annouce a new member to our vehicle fleet - truck #91! Pictures to be taken soon!



Q: How long will it take to receive service?

A: Estimated time of arrival is always provided at the time of dispatch.  Due to weather or traffic conditions, the time may be extended.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Q: What type of tow trucks does your company operate?

A:  We have two trucks.  

Truck #91 is a 2005 International Flatbed with a wheel lift.  

Truck #92 is a 2017 Dodge 5500 with dual 8k pound winches.

Q: My vehicle has an automatic transmission.  Can it be towed with the drive wheels on the ground?

A:  According to most manufacturers, it is okay for a limited amount of distance and low speeds.  

Q:  My vehicle is all wheel drive.  Does it require a flatbed tow truck?

A:  Not usually.  Conventional tow trucks are capable of handling these vehicles.  In some instances, additional equipment is required, and therefore the amount of the tow will increase.  Disclose this information to dispatch.

Q: My car is lowered.  Can it still be towed?

A: Yes it can still be towed.  However, the use of additional equipment might be required, which would also increase the cost of the tow.

Q: What options do you have if the delivery location is a closed business?

A: Depending on the facility in which you are delivering your vehicle, overnight storage at our facility may be required.  An additional charge may be incurred.

Q: Do you have a storage facility?

A: Yes.  We currently have lot for storage.  Indoor facilities are currently not available.

Q:  Is towing rough on my vehicle?

A:  The wheel-lift tow trucks lift from the tires and therefore the vehicle is supported by its own suspension.  

Q: Are tow trucks inspected for road worthiness?

A:  Our fleet are inspected regularly as well as annually inspected for FDOT.

Q: Do I need to be with the vehicle to receive service?

A: No it is not necessary for you to be present.  Dispatch will discuss viable options when you call.

Q:  I have heard that it is better to let my insured vehicle go the the tow yard after an accident.  Why?

A: There are several reasons.  One, you do not normally have to pay the tow bill, it will be covered by insurance.  Secondly, the insurance adjuste will inspect your car and the other cars involved sooner to avoid storage fees.  Last but not least, you will not have the disheveled eye sore of the vehicle at your home.

Have a question you did not find here??  Feel free to contact us via e-mail BigChevy7092@gmail.com.  We will be happy to find you the answers!